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We are committed to empowering young people; enabling them to explore and pursue the enjoyment of music, theatre and performance.

We are passionate about ensuring the arts are accessible, whilst facilitating a safe environment for young people to have fun, relax and form friendships. 


Wings Youth Theatre offers opportunities for self expression and building confidence whilst encouraging adaptive, positive behaviour. We believe this helps a young person to deal more effectively with the demands and challenges of modern life. We actively promote the use of music to improve and sustain positive mental health and wellbeing.



Laughing is mainly what we do.

But, in the course of having lots of fun, Wings brilliant youngsters put on at least one musical theatre production per year, as well as staging concerts, making music videos and taking part in drama workshops. Rehearsals come in the form of weekly sessions as well as occasional extra rehearsals when it’s getting close to a show. We want to ignite in our members an enthusiasm for all aspects of theatre production so, with this in mind, we often have youngsters supporting us in the very important roles played by our backstage crews and orchestras.



Wings Youth Theatre is run by a core team of five volunteers who run the group because, well, they love it.

Meet Kate, James, Ann-Marie, Lisa and Mary: more commonly known as Team Wings. Mostly you'll find them laughing through stressful situations, dreaming up completely outrageous ideas, or proudly watching their youngsters performing (and often crying, in Ann-Marie's case!).

Between them, they have countless years experience working in youth theatre, and with young people in general; but also many years spent performing on stage, or performing in music pits.

To the team they all bring invaluable experience. Mary and Lisa with their background in teaching and schools, Kate brings choreography expertise and a keen eye for legals and small print. Ann-Marie brings musical strength, particularly vocally, along with a handy background in finance. Finally, James works professionally in Film & TV, offering particular expertise and experiences for our youngsters on projects such as music videos.



Team Wings consider that creating a safe and secure environment for Wings' members to relax and have fun is of highest priority.

Policies and procedures have been carefully written and adopted in line with latest legislation. Changes in regulations are closely monitored and Wings' policies are reviewed and updated regularly. All of Team Wings are licensed registered chaperones and ensure regular and open communication with members and parents surrounding all activities of the group. 

Wings Youth Theatre is a registered member of:




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